Bitcoin ETF Approval and the 4th Halving: Will the Rise Continue?

Bitcoin's New Leap: ETF Approval

Recently, a historic event occurred in the United States with the approval of the Spot Bitcoin ETF. This dramatically improves accessibility to Bitcoin and blurs the boundaries between traditional financial markets and cryptocurrency markets. The approval of the ETF enhances the legality and reliability of Bitcoin, integrating it into the existing financial system. This opens a significant door of opportunity for institutional investors and is expected to accelerate the growth of the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin's 4th Halving: Its Impact on the Market

The 4th halving of Bitcoin, set for April 2024, is anticipated to significantly impact the cryptocurrency market. The halving, which entails a 50% reduction in Bitcoin mining rewards, suggests a decrease in supply and a potential increase in price. Historically, each halving has positively influenced Bitcoin's price, and the upcoming 4th halving is expected to bring substantial changes to the market.

Personal Investment Experience: Trust in Bitcoin and Ethereum

Despite the collapse and fraudulent activities of altcoins like Luna causing unease among many investors, my personal investment journey remains steadfast in its trust in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Despite the uncertainties in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin and Ethereum maintain high reliability due to their technological strengths and widespread adoption. My investments are based on this technical trust and a long-term market outlook.

The catastrophic outcomes often attributed to counterfeit coins in the cryptocurrency market can be likened to mistaking Monopoly money for real currency just because it's also made of paper. Just like how the value of currencies like the dollar, yen, and won is backed by the strength of their issuing countries, the Bitcoin ETF news signifies that Bitcoin is recognized as a valuable investment in the US market.

I have invested solely in Bitcoin and Ethereum, buying around 20 to 30 million won worth of these cryptocurrencies. Of course, I transferred them to a personal wallet immediately after purchase. Additionally, half of my Ethereum holdings have been converted to Liquid Staking through Lido, consistently earning staking rewards.

The price of Bitcoin began to rise in anticipation of the Bitcoin ETF in 2024, and when the approval was finally confirmed yesterday, it surged an additional 10%, leading to an overall profit of over 50%.

The Cryptocurrency Market in Korea: Caution and Expectation

The cryptocurrency market in Korea maintains a cautious approach amidst global changes. This prudence helps investors establish long-term and stable investment strategies. Although this approach plays an essential role in managing risks against the volatility of the global cryptocurrency market and making sustainable investment decisions, some Korean netizens seem to lament being behind the financial trends upon hearing this news.

Passion for Web3 and DApp Development

As a software developer, my passion deeply roots in the Web3 ecosystem and DApp development. My interest and investment in this field extend beyond financial gains, aiming to significantly contribute to shaping the future of the digital world. Web3 and DApps, utilizing blockchain technology, transcend the limitations of traditional centralized systems and inspire my career and vision as a developer.

Conclusion: The Future of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Market Growth

The approval of the Bitcoin ETF breathes new life into the cryptocurrency market. These events not only stimulate market growth but also open up new investment opportunities for individual investors, including corporations. My personal investment experience and passion as a developer reflect my intention to create new opportunities in this changing market. The world of Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with Web3, offers us endless possibilities, and we look forward to shaping the future of digital assets.

As the 4th Bitcoin halving approaches, I will continue to monitor the changing psyche of investors and discuss this topic again. Happy New Year and best wishes to all! :)