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I'm a software engineer, also solopreneur. I prefer do myself as possible as I can, even it's too ideal.

Introduction to TypeScript’s "satisfies" Operator

The satisfies operator, introduced in TypeScript 4.9, plays a crucial role in enhancing type checks and improving code stability. This operator is used to check whether a specific object or value meets the requirements of a designated type. In this post, we will explore the functionality and usage of the satisfies operator, as well as its differences from the as keyword.

Instantly Display Streamed JSON Data from ChatGPT

Recently, while working with the ChatGPT API and processing JSON data received as a stream, I got an idea for a new module. This module allows you to parse and display incomplete JSON data quickly, greatly enhancing the user experience. In this blog post, we'll dive into the usage and benefits of this module.

Bitcoin ETF Approval and the 4th Halving: Will the Rise Continue?

In this article, I share my personal views on the recent Bitcoin ETF approval in the United States and the upcoming 4th Bitcoin halving in 2024. Additionally, I delve into my own investment experiences with Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as my passion for Web3 and DApp development. The piece explores the attitude of the Korean cryptocurrency market, the significance of Bitcoin ETF approval, and the future prospects of the cryptocurrency market. It also expresses anticipation for the growth potential of digital assets.

The Era of Remote Work: Can Companies Thrive Without an Office? Exploring 37signals' REMOTE

Amidst the global sweep of remote work, "REMOTE: Office Not Required" by 37signals stands at the forefront of this change. This book goes beyond listing the benefits of remote work, offering methods for effectively running a company without a physical office. Let's begin by comparing how the remote work trend and its prevalence have shifted in countries like Korea and the USA post-COVID-19.

My Journey with English Communication as a Korean Developer

Since 2023, I began working with a company based in Germany, marking the first time I used English professionally. Until then, my use of English was limited to casual conversations with friends and strangers during my travels. With my new role, the frequency of using English increased, and I'd like to share my experiences and thoughts on this journey.

'isLoading' vs 'isFetching' of ReactQuery

I made an interesting discovery while using the keepPreviousData option in React-Query. Especially, I realized the importance of understanding the management of isLoading and isFetching states.