I’m Dante Chun, software engineer, traveling the world.

Hello! I'm a software engineer who loves to create and explore. I've been into programming since 2007, starting with Flash games. This early interest in tech has shaped my career.

I studied at Korea Digital Media High School and Hongik University, where I learned a lot about things like web development, mobile apps, and AI. In 2021, I started my own journey to build and run my own games and services.

Now, I work on different projects for other companies. This has allowed me to live as a digital nomad, meaning I can work from anywhere, anytime. I've worked with places like 'Naver AI Lab' and 'Insomenia'.

If you're curious about my work, click here to see what I've done. I'm always looking for new ideas and challenges in tech. Thanks for reading about my journey!