Instantly Display Streamed JSON Data from ChatGPT

🚀 Introducing the "incomplete-json-parser" Module

While using the ChatGPT API, I encountered a challenge when dealing with JSON data received as a stream. Until the JSON data was completely received, I couldn't parse it, leaving me with no choice but to show users a boring loading screen. To solve this problem, I developed the incomplete-json-parser module.

This module can be used in both JavaScript and TypeScript projects. It helps you store the streamed JSON data in a buffer and extract the parsable parts for immediate use. You can find the module's GitHub repository at the following link:

✨ How to Use the Module

Using the incomplete-json-parser module is incredibly simple. First, you need to install the module:

npm install incomplete-json-parser

Next, import the module in your project:

import { IncompleteJsonParser } from 'incomplete-json-parser';

Now, create an instance of the IncompleteJsonParser class and write the streamed JSON data to the buffer using the write() method:

const parser = new IncompleteJsonParser();
parser.write('{"name": "John", "age": 30, "city": "New');
parser.write(' York", "hobbies": ["reading", "gaming"');
// parser.write(']}'); // Just leave it, it's fine :)

Even before the JSON data is completely received, you can call the getObjects() method to extract the parsable parts:

const result = parser.getObjects();
// Output: { name: 'John', age: 30, city: 'New York', hobbies: ['reading', 'gaming'] }

🌟 Benefits and Use Cases

The incomplete-json-parser module enables faster and more efficient processing of streaming JSON data. Especially when dealing with streaming JSON responses like those from the ChatGPT API, this module can significantly improve the user experience.

For example, you can use Optional Chaining to display data on the screen as soon as it becomes available:

const data = parser.getObjects();

This way, instead of staring at a boring loading screen, users can see parts of the data while it's still loading.

🙌 Wrapping Up

The incomplete-json-parser module is a handy tool when working with streaming JSON data. It allows you to parse and utilize incomplete JSON data, enhancing the user experience.

I hope this module proves helpful in your projects. If you have any questions or suggestions while using it, feel free to open an issue on the GitHub repository. Let's build a thriving open-source community together! 😄

Happy coding! ✨